Beautiful Tuscany, Italy in Nov. 2016

“My mother and I traveled to beautiful Tuscany, Italy in Nov. 2016 to celebrate my 40th birthday.

I was looking for an opportunity to learn what it FEELS like to live in Italy, rather than just see the sights which ARE wonderful and amazing!. We booked the cooking/food tour with Caspin Journeys and I could not have been more pleased with my experience.

We began each day of our Tuscan adventure in the beautiful Nobile guest house relaxing with great coffee and delicate pastries from a local bakery. Each day we were guided by either Pino or Antonio & Simona to new towns to view the architecture, hear the stories of old, and learn about the treasured foods and wines. We stopped for Cappuccino (only before noon!) and expresso in the afternoon. We dined in wonderful restaurants filled with the local people, trying something new every time.

We would have a small respite upon coming home to the Nobile guest house. When Luca (our Master Chef) arrived, we could either enjoy watching him at work or dive right in to learn how to prepare some of Tuscany’s finest foods. These evenings were so fun while cooking, feasting, drinking great wine, and enjoying the company of the Nobile family.

For the week I spent in Italy, I felt well-guided, indulged, enlightened, and most importantly welcomed by this great Italian family. it was a trip my mother and I will never forget!”